Conference “Fair trade, a real alternative”, given by Carles Valentí, coordinator of educational activities of S’altra Senalla. Course: 20521 – Environmental Economics in Tourist Areas (2017-18) (Dra. Cati Torres)

Event Description

Conference title: “Fair trade, a real alternative”

What’s S’altra Senalla? Why, how and when did we start our activity?

Concept and criteria defining fair trade. Main defining criteria are:

    Salaries and fair working conditions
    No to child labour
    Environmental protection
    Gender equality

Three working areas:

    The shop
    Increasing awareness (especially in schools)
    Ethical public procurement

Fair trade, a necessary tool for responsible consumption

Ethical consumption alternatives (energy, water, bank, mobile phones, internet,
insurances, etc.)

Date: Monday, April 30, 9:30 am


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