Round table on the WinWind project in Palma

Press release of the event ↗.

The LINCC researcher Maria Antonia Jiménez Cortés has participated in this event

This meeting brought together representatives of many sectors of the Balearic society, such as, for example, the Balearic Government, companies dedicated to the implementation of renewable energies, environmental organizations, utility companies, consumer and business associations, and the University of the Islas Illes Balears. The debate turned out to be very enriching because all the participants had the opportunity to share their viewpoints on how renewable energy production could be increased in the Islands in a sustainable manner (especially wind energy) taking into account the wind resources available in this region.

My contribution to the debate consisted in explaining how locals have been making profitable use of these wind resources over time. Flour mills and the windmills used for the extraction of water are good examples of this, very present in the landscape of the Islands, and especially, in the center of the three major basins of Mallorca (Palma, Alcudia and Fields) which correspond to the zones that are strongly influenced by the breeze winds.

Dra. Maria Antonia Jiménez Cortés
Tenure-track contract Lecturer with a PhD
Departament of Physics

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