IB3 Notícies «LINCC-UIB researchers will advise the European Union on the energy transition process of the insular territories»

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The islands of the Mediterranean are among the most endangered places by climate change. This is the reason why Europe emphasizes in developing a specific strategy for these insular territories.

The Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change (LINCC) will advise the European Union in the transition process towards a clean energy model for island territories.

The Lab is composed of more than sixty scientists of diverse academic fields: Biology, Geography, Physics or Law, among others. One of the first projects that they are going to carry out will be the elaboration of a comparative study on all the measures that are being implemented in the different European islands, either currently or in the future.

The main objectives are to reduce the demand for energy and ensure the renewability of its sources. In order to achieve this goal, the experts suggest decarbonizing the traffic, with electric vehicles, and shuting down coal-fired power plants such as Es Murterar, which emits one third of all the polluting gases discharged discharged into the atmosphere in Mallorca, or the Mahón power plant, which is responsible for half of Minorca’s emissions. According to the members of the LINCC, this clean energy framework must be supplied by photovoltaic or eolic sources.