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The University of the Balearic Islands, through the Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Climate Change (LINCC UIB), participates in an international consortium led by the network of cities Climate Alliance with the support of the European Federation of Cooperatives of Renewable Energies (Rescoop), which has recently been granted a contract by the European Commission for the management of the Secretariat of the Clean Energy Initiative for the Islands of the European Union. This Secretariat has been created with the main objective of providing support and advice to the Mediterranean islands and other insular areas of the European Union, in order to ensure ...
Llegeix Més
The experts met today at the Campus UIB Dr. Llorenç Huguet, rector of the UIB, and Dr. Carles Manera, President of the Economic and Social Council of the Balearic Islands, in conjunction with the members of advisory board of the study, full professors Andreu Mas Colell, Enric Banda, Emilio Ontiveros and Enric Tortosa have explained the content and progress achieved of the working groups on the following topics: Demography, Science and Technology, Industry, Climate Change, Digital Transformations, Education, Infrastructure, Quality of Work and Social Welfare. This will constitute a tool for reflection and a strategic proposal for public administrations in ...
Llegeix Més
About 50 scientists from the Med-Cordex and Baltic Earth communities gathered at the University of the Baleares in Palma de Mallorca to discusss current issues in regional climate system modelling, in particular the coupling of processes in the atmosphere and the sea. This was already the second joint meeting of the Baltic and Mediterranean climate modelling communities. In the future, the two communities plan to share experience and expertise through common activities, like a common discussion forum, workshops and joint research projects and papers. Originally published at ...
Llegeix Més