IB3 Méteo, temps i natura «Balearic Islands’ First Summit on Climate Change»

Today the First Summit on Climate Change in the Balearic Islands, organized by the Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change (LINCC) of the UIB, has begun. Climate change is a reality, also in the Balearics. In “IB3 Méteo, temps i natura” Llegir més

Agustí Jansà and Romualdo Romero participate in Cadena Ser Radio Mallorca’s talk show «Hoy por Hoy»

We look for an explanation for the heavy rains that flooded the Mallorcan East region on Tuesday, October 9, with the former delegate of the State Meteorological Agency in the Balearic Islands, Agustí Jansà, and Romualdo Romero, full professor of Llegir més

Agustí Jansà has participated in IB3 Ràdio’s science talk show «Balears fa Ciència»

The meteorologist Agustí Jansà, a regular contributor of the program, has made a climatological and meteorological balance of this summer 2018. Directed and presented by Enric Culat, Balears fa Ciència, the weekly science magazine of IB3 Ràdio, is aired every Llegir més

«An intense summer heat wave arrives in the Balearic Islands» Agustí Jansà, interviewed in RTVE’s newscast

A yellow alert has been issued by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). Tomorrow the temperatures will remain suffocating, with an intense swell and a light wind of ‘tramuntana’ that will become ‘migjorn’ wind. The Information Services of the Balearic Islands Llegir més

Agustí Jansà participates in IB3 Televisió’s afternoon talk show «Cinc dies»

Agustí Jansà, meteorology expert at the Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change (LINCC) explained to the audience why the current heat wave hasn’t reached the extreme levels experienced last year in the Balearic Islands. IB3 Televisió’s afternoon talk show «Cinc dies» Llegir més

«Climate change: the gravest environmental threat» IB3 Méteo temps i natura

The global average temperature has increased 1.1 degrees. The oceans are warming and that is a serious problem for biodiversity. This kind of phenomena are becoming increasingly extreme and the negationist attitudes of some states exacerbate the problem. Global warming Llegir més