Menorca’s Second Energy Transition: guidelines for decarbonising Menorca’s Energy System

The guidelines for the decarbonisation of Menorca have been published with the the objectives, strategic lines and indicators called ‘Menorca’s Second Energy Transition’. The Strategic Guidelines for Menorca (Directrices Estratégicas de Menorca, DEM) are a new initiative by the Institut Llegir més

Pau de Vílchez, interviewed on IB3 Ràdio’s program “Balears fa Ciència”

Interview with Pau de Vílchez, professor of International Law at the University of the Balearic Islands and deputy director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Climate Change, on the expectations regarding the participation of the UIB, next week, at the COP24 Llegir més

Damià Gomis, Romualdo Romero and Raquel Vaquer, interviewed in Canal 4 Ràdio’s science magazine «BioBalears»

This chapter of the program focuses on the research activities carried out by the Interdisciplinary Lab on Climate Change (LINCC UIB). We will speak with Damià Gomis, marine physicist and director of the LINCC, Raquel Vaquer Sunyer, postdoctoral researcher at Llegir més